The visuals in this short are just too cool: the photography, the camera moves, the old school vette, the graphics.  Man, I want to be this guy when I grow up.

If wishes were real this is what I’d be doing today.

(via KottkeWhat does it feel like to soar majestically like an bird? Maybe something like this video, shot with a camera strapped to the back of an eagle flying near Chamonix in France.

Andrew Bayer - Lose Sight from Czlowiek Kamera on Vimeo.

I find everything about this short film by Człowiek Kamera exquisite: the photography, the composition of the frame, the color.

I spent my Friday at Transmedia, Hollywood 4 held at UCLA.  The event was co-directed by Denise Mann and Henry Jenkins.  The bulk of the discussion was about taking transmedia best practices and applying them to enact social change and benefit culture and society.  One panelist got a laugh when she related that most of the information around transmedia is geared toward Harry Potter fans.  Check out the videos from each panel when they go up on the website.

The Spotify commercials I wrote for Seb Edwards just started airing.  Seb was amazing to work with and had a very clear vision for what the spots should look/feel like.