The show I created, Gallery Girls, premieres tonight at 10/9 central on Bravo.  Please tune in, set your DVRs and spread the word.  Thanks! 

One week until the premiere of Gallery Girls, the show I created. Set your DVRs or tune in. And, please tell your friends. Thanks! “The pilot is fun and engaging because of the simmering drama…” —The Hollywood Reporter

I love it when art and tech collide in an amazing way.  Like this installation called "Kinetic Rain" in terminal 1 at the Changi airport in Singapore.  It was designed by ART+COM.

Tom Sachs is up to his old tricks again!  After having successfully imagined a trip to the moon, Mr. Sachs has set his sights on Mars with “Space Program: Mars.”  It’s being hosted by the Park Avenue Armory and New York City-based, public arts foundation Creative Time.  There’s a magical and romantic element that he captures so successfully with his work.  And, it looks damn fun.  Read more about the project from Motherboard here or click here to view the video from his mission to the moon at the Gagosian gallery in LA from 2007. 

Tom Sachs Mission to Mars