Man, I dig this guy.  I love his work, but I also love hearing that accent.  Ever, aka Nicolas Romero, hails from Buenos Aires.  I learned how to speak Spanish with the Portenos and will always have a soft spot for film and art from down there.

RIP Tony Scott.  To me, as a boy, “Top Gun” was the greatest movie ever.

Joss Whedon did a huge favor this week to Mike Birbiglia, comedian and writer/director of “Sleepwalk With Me,” when he made a video pleading with his fans to boycott the film lest it overtake his $1.5 billion dollar juggernaut, “The Avengers.” Not ones to look a gift horse in the mouth, Mike and co-writer, Ira Glass, took to the Youtube and delivered this funny, nerdy response which, among other absurd requests, asks everyone in Dennis, MA to see the film 4.5 times to help topple the Marvel mega hit.

Below is the Joss Whedon video:

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In this presentation, Jonathan Taplin lays out a clear vision for the future of television.  It looks bleak for those who want to stick with the traditional models of content delivery.  Even P & G are getting on the digital train.  Taplin is currently the Director of the Annenberg Innovation Lab at the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.